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Adrian Styles

Adrian Styles, a name you may not know BUT definitely the name of someone whose voice & music you may already be aware of although you might not know it!!

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Adrian Styles is one of those, currently, faceless wonders…..a musician’s musician!! His voice & songs having been recorded & performed on several albums by successful artists/bands over the past decade.

Adrian, as a performer, is not new to the Music Business. He learnt guitar as a teenager & became a successful session bass player in London before moving onto a front man/guitarist with several well know touring/recording acts including “The Allman Bros”, “Rick Wakeman”,”Dennie Laine” Over the years Adrian has learnt his craft while touring & recording & has developed into a singer/songwriter to appreciate. They say he “writes stories to music” that are believable, recognisable & “stay in your brain” He writes about life. Adrian is a storyteller whose lyrics people relate to.

Now represented by The BUT! Music Group, Adrian has formed his new band “The Giants”, recorded his debut album “Children Of The Sun” An album full of Adrian’s soft rock music full of songs about life, love, happiness, sadness…….BUT good for the soul & speak the truth

The album is scheduled for summer release & “Adrian Styles & The Giants” will be undertaking their debut UK tour to include several festivals to support this release.