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BUT” is that great word for the Music Industry... ”I think the track is great, BUT”... ”would have signed the act BUT”...”brilliant BUT need to hear more” etc etc!!!!

2003 saw the launch of The BUT! Group by Music Industry Promotion/PR “guru” Allan James.

BUT! has three divisions BUT! Management, BUT! Records, BUT! Music Publishing. The company was set up upon James’s return from living in the States to promote & develop new emerging UK talent both domestically & Internationally.
The company has national distribution. Licensing partners internationally & a current strong roster of diverse acts.

In a career spanning over 30yrs "The Man In Black", Allan James has promoted luminaries such as,

“Steely Dan”, “Joe Walsh”, “Elton John”, “Tourists/Eurythmics”, “Yes”, “Rainbow”, “Whitesnake”, “Kim Wilde”, “Slade”, “Bryan Adams”, “Robert Plant”, “Foriegner”, “Van Halen”, “Chas ‘n Dave”, “Justin Hayward”, “The Cars” , “Toyah”... to name a few!!!

Allan James(left), Head of the BUT! Music Group
Having enjoyed such great success in the music industry, "Jamesie" has brought established artists such as Kenney Jones and Justin Hayward and Partners such as Bob Harris and David Courtney into current BUT! Group projects.
Jessie 'J' 'BUT! Girl'
With three degrees to her name, consisting of Music, Vocal Coaching and Music Business & Management, Jessie is the newest member of the BUT! Music Group. Jessie works in PR and Promotions and has close connections with Radio Stations, Magazines and Film.
Paul Mex
Paul emerged from the late 70s British punk scene as a musician, later moving into music production and consultancy.
Paul emerged from the late 70's British punk scene as a musician, later moving into music production and consultancy. Under that guise he has been involved in recordings that accumulate to over a million sales, had chart success and worked with a host of diverse artists ranging from 'pop star' George Michael, to respected 'jazz-rock' musician, Robert Wyatt, for major and independent labels worldwide.

BUT! have partnered with legendry US manager Gary Byrd (ByrdManagement) to represent BUT! artists within the USA. Gary Byrd - "Byrd" has been active in the music business for over 30 years. Byrd is the consummate entertainment business entrepreneur. A "manager's manager", he will do anything to promote, sell and protect his artists. After years in the recording & artists development business, Byrd Formed ByrdManagement Ltd. in the early 80s and served as independent A&R for most major labels including MCA, CBS (Sony), Polygram, Capitol and WEA discovering and developing new talent.

Byrd has served as Chairman for various media companies such as Digital Media Partners, Global Media Services and Broadcast Entertainment Network. Byrd is well situated in the USA (LA, NYC, Chicago, Miami) and over the last 20 years has expanded his music business to include operations in Moscow, St. Petersburg Russia and the Former Soviet Union. Always seeking new sources of opportunity for his artists!

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Produce webcast promotion videos of your Artistes & Product.
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Turn existing pirate videos into promotions for you.
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Train your staff in Social Media Communications.
We Create Social Network Promotions Tailor Made To Your Specific Needs And Budget.


Please take 2 minutes to watch our video - you may be surprised at what is going on in the New Media

What is Social Media ? ( its a bit like having your own TV station and World Magazine - full of your content - broadcasting FREE)

People gain information, education, news, etc., by electronic media and print media. Social media sites are distinct from industrial or traditional media, such as Newspapers Television and Film. They are relatively inexpensive and accessible to enable anyone (even private individuals) to publish or access information, compared to industrial media, which generally require significant resources to publish information.

Who is using Social Media to Sell. Inform & Promote ? ( everybody ! )

PR firm Burson-Marsteller studied the largest 100 companies in the Fortune 500 list and found that 79% of them use Twitter, Youtube & Facebook or corporate blogs to communicate with customers and other stakeholders. 54% have at least one Facebook fan page, 50% have at least one YouTube channel, and 33% have at least one corporate blog. 24% of the companies use all 4 social media platforms.

There are a bunch of other interesting stats in the study — including proof that consumers actually do like to engage with companies via social media, making all those channels worthwhile

link to report http://mashable.com/2010/02/23/fortune-100-social-media/

Take a look and see what 's going on in the Social Media Revolution


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The Jones Gang

These three musicians have performed on some of the most popular and critically acclaimed rock recordings of all time - including "Stay With Me," "It's Only Rock and Roll," and "Juke Box Hero," and have sold a combined 50 million records throughout their careers. The Jones Gang

Now with the help of some of their prestigious mates, including Ronnie Wood, Gary Grainger, Ian McLagan and Dave Cowell this trio of well respected British rockers - Kenny Jones (Small Faces, The Faces, The Who), Rick Willis (Foreigner) and Robert Hart (Bad Company) - have formed The Jones Gang and released their stunning 11-Track debut album 'Any Day Now' through BUT! Recordsin November 2006. US Billboard Radio #1 'Angel' also set for single release on BUT! Records.

Click here to visit The Jones Gang Website
Bob Harris Presents
Bob Harris is described by 'Radio Times' as 'One of the greats of British contemporary music broadcasting...still an independant champion of the great music'. Bob Harris is described by 'Radio Times' as "One of the greats of British contemporary music broadcasting...still an independant champion of the great music". Bob Harris first established his enduring reputation during his seven years as presenter of 'Old Grey Whistle Test' on BBC 2. Bob was founding co-editor of the listening magazine 'Time Out' and compiler of rock reference books British radio that Bob is best known beginning in 1970 on Radio 1 with 'sounds of the 70's'.

In Recent years Bob Harris has been the recipient of three Sony Bronze Awards and in 2003 he received the Radio Academy/PRS award for 'Outstanding Contribution to Music Radio'. His 'Bob Harris Country' show on Radio 2 has developed a huge, cult following and led to a CD compilation series entitled 'Bob Harris Presents' championing the music from these shows . 'Bob harris presents Americana' was released on BUT! Records in January 2007 with more series compilation releases planned through the year.

Click here to visit the Bob Harris Presents website
Patchwork Grace
Patchwork Grace are the latest new addition to the BUT! Group roster Nottingham based band , Patchwork Grace are the latest new addition to the BUT! Group roster. Quirky band members Tori Trash, Joey Strange, Crip and Danny Gunn are some of the youngest punk rockers on the circuit. Not letting their tender years hold them back, they have toured all over the UK and have been likened to genre leaders The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and Nirvana. Take elements of trash, glam, punk and sleaze - find four mates with plenty of glitter and attitude, chuck it all together and there you have Patchwork Grace. Debut album release expected for June 2007 through BUT!

Click here to visit The Patchwork Grace Website

We are SPiT LiKE THiS. And don't you forget it. Chromium-plated cosmic supertripping shock 'n' roll neon sex fun all wrapped up in a deliciously devilish exterior. We are your new fucking heroez. Simple. No-one does it like this anymore. I mean, NO-ONE.

Click here to visit the Spit Like This Website
Chromium-plated cosmic supertripping shock 'n' roll neon sex fun all wrapped up in a deliciously devilish exterior
This is a bullshit-free zone. We put our money where our mouth is and, at the same time, offer YOU - the people that matter - the best that we can do, with everything that we do, 100% of the time
White Room Music

The White Room is a new multifaceted music media company dedicated to the development and marketing of new recording artists. The company was established in 2004 and operated under the guidance of internationally renowned record producer and composer David Courtney.

As a record producer and composer David Courtney has worked with some of the legendary names in music such as: Roger Daltrey, Roger Chapman, Dave Gilmore, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore and Steve Cropper to name but a few and was the man behind the success of international recording artist Leo Sayer. It is our aim to build The White Room into a creditable brand and one that will become synonymous with exposing a high standard of new exciting music talent.

Click here to visit the White Room Music Website
The BUT!Group in association with “Legendary Artists.. The Agency” presents….
Legends Of Rock

Make YOUR event come alive with the sights and sounds of some of the biggest names in rock music!!

In the highly competitive world of corporate entertainment, there lies the eternal search for something different - that which separates your event from the rest.

The event that lingers long in the memory, and becomes the talk of all within your industry…

SO - after your guests have wined & dined, HOW special are they going to feel when such luminaries as “Whispering” Bob Harris, David (Kid) Jensen, Mike Read, or Noel Edmonds take to the stage & welcome such legends as:-

Justin Hayward/John Lodge (Moody Blues), Rick Wakeman/Jon Anderson (Yes), Jon Lord/Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), or even the evergreen Mick Fleetwood as your post-meal entertainment?

The ANSWER? VERY special indeed!!And ALL very possible – as they are just SOME of our burgeoning client roster.

30-45 minutes of acoustic material is followed by a Q and A session with the stars, then more music, photo’s with key clients, group shots. It’s YOUR call and all part of the package.

We also have our own film company which, if requested, can produce a top-class bespoke DVD of the day for you to mail to your guests as a memento of an unforgettable event!

Basically, this is your call - whatever your needs - we will deliver.

“Legends” has an ever growing A- list of World Stars at your disposal. Our directors - renowned music biz “legends” in their own right - Allan James & Steve Blacknell are here to make this happen for you.

NAME the act of your choice ....from the A-Z Of Rock Music!

WE will make this happen, and if the price is right – YOU can have the star(s) of your choice for your very own very special event!!

The BUT! Men:-

Allan James:

Spanning a 30 year career Allan (“Jamesie”) James,alias “The Man In Black”, has promoted/managed artists as diverse as the England Soccer Squad to Deep Purple. Encompassing such luminaries as Elton John, Eurythmics, Steely Dan, Bryan Adams, Slade, Kim Wilde, Foreigner, Van Halen, The Cars, Chas ‘n Dave, Yes, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Justin Hayward, to name just a few!!!!

Steve Blacknell:

Began his music biz career as PR executive working with the likes of, The Rolling Stones, Jethro Tull,Alice Cooper.

He was the award winning presenter of MTV USA’s “London Calling”.

Famous for the infamous Concorde interview with Phil Collins for “Live Aid”. Also spent ten years in Hollywood as BSKYB’s Entertainment “anchor”. Cites his greatest non rock’n roll experience as travelling with the Duke Of Edinburgh around the UK as his corporate speaking partner

Both are supported by a by a fully-manned office that will provide total support and a highly professional facility to manage your bookings. Naturally we will act as the point of contact between you and the artist at every stage.

So YOU tell US who YOU would like for your special event…..and you never know….you could play host to real-life “Legends Of Rock” and give your clients & associates an experience to be remembered forever.

For Bookings/Information:-

“Legends Of Rock”
The BUT! Group
Ph:- 44(0)1273 680799

The Me Me Mes
Mel Daley (ex singer, ‘Pink Assassin’) and Richard Proctor (singer/guitarist, ‘They Walk Among Us’) set up a collaborative in 2008 ...

The result is the quirkiest, left of centre acoustic act to come out of South Wales.
The me me mes are the quirkiest, left of centre acoustic act to come out of South Wales

Click here to visit the Me Me Mes Website
The Kamen
Based in South Yorkshire, England, THE KAMEN are a 4 piece British to the bone rock outfit. Writing their own material they create a unique sound that transcends generations. They are, Paul Jackson – Vocals. Scott Jordan – Bass & Backing Vox. Mark Rendi – Guitar. Chris Lewis – Drums & Backing Vox. Writing comes easy to each of the members as they all have a great deal of experience of reaching inside for their musical ideas and ripping them out for all to be hear and enjoy.
The Kamen are powered by Chris’s driving rhythms coupled with Scott’s masterly strokes on the bass. Paul’s exceptional vocal sound is like no other, this man can growl and scream with the best of them. And Mark’s guitar work, from the finest lick to the grungiest riff, is a rival to any. This may sound like lip service but hearing is believing. To say they are rock somewhat limits the idea of what they actually are. Their sound has been called “timeless” and powerful, it’s definitely energetic and awe inspiring. Something that many “new” bands lack. Each song is different and certainly ear pleasure. Echoes of music from all eras can be heard in their songs but twisted and moulded into a new fresh rock sound. Playing live also comes naturally to them, each of the four members has had many experiences on stage and this shows at their gigs. Rock gods in the making, you’ll have to decide for yourself but many think so. They are a new force to be reckoned with. The Kamen are a new breed of rock heroes.

Click here to visit The Kamen Website
Kingdom Of Deadmen
soul influenced sound tinged by the style of Aretha Franklin with funky guitars & bass A Unique Classic Rock/Metal blend, some have compared to, Velvet Revolver, Queens of the Stone Age/Iron Maiden/Thin Lizzy/Queen/Metallica/Muse with the dynamics and controversy of a Tarantino movie with inspirations from 60s & 70s classic rock music, movie stories and soundtracks which influenced the dark and epic concept album “BLACK RHAPSODY”, which depicts abuse, revenge, love, lust and addiction summed up in the sad tail of “WILDFLOWER” but unfolds in more detail within the rest of the songs
Each has its linked story and with it, you get the picture.

Click here to visit the Kingdom of Deadmen websitee
John Verity
John Verity has joined the BUT! stable The band lead by former "Argent" frontman John Verity has joined the BUT! stable with a new dramatic studio album. Soulful vocals and blues guitar with a hard but melodic rock edge is what you get from a band that enjoys a great reputation for blistering live performances throughout the UK & Internationally

Click Here to Visit John Verity
Supported by longtime band members Bob Henrit (drums), Mark Griffiths (bass) & Ian Gibbons (keyboards), JV has enlisted great studio musicians who gel perfectly into any live situation.

"Rise Like The Phoenix" is an album of great originals with a couple of classic's from the bands live set.

Lisa Kwei
Earmarked as a highly promising emerging artist, Kwei has already received support from the likes of legend DJ David Kid Jensen, esteemed producer Fraser T. Smith (Adele/’Set Fire To The Rain’) and fellow singer Sam Brown. Kwei’s distinct acoustic pop sound, which has been likened to artists such as Dido, KT Tunstall and Beth Orton, has seen her build a dedicated following. Musically, Kwei’s songs create an uplifting feel, as dreamy chords, vocal harmonies and melodies intertwine. Her range of contrasting influences neatly combines in her work to create something fresh and is showcased in new single ‘Take The Fire’.

Her amazing band are second to none and all have the ability to bring something special to each part of the song with their instruments. "I am very much into the old skool way of crafting a record with people I love and respect so the energy flow is at its best when Art is being created".

Click Here to visit Lisa Kwei's website
Gabriel Miller Phillips
Gabriel Miller Phillips’ musical career began in bed. At age 21, when it had become too painful for Miller Phillips to walk, he underwent several operations to straighten his leg bones and spent two years largely bedridden in a house on the Massachusetts coast.

On his first full-length album, “One For the Crow”, which Miller Phillips recorded in Brooklyn with Alex Lipsen (Phosphorescent), Yoed Nir (Regina Spektor) and Parker Kindred (Antony & the Johnsons), Miller Phillips fleshes out the minimalist sound of his previous record with drums, keys, pedal steel, harmonium and synthetic effects. His voice is still at the forefront, in places layered as if he were singing in several rooms at once and in others, unaccompanied and possessing the clarity of a starry winter night far outside of town.

Miller Phillips turned this period of isolation into a formative experience and wrote the sparely arranged but narratively rich songs that would become his first EP “Shoot the Moon”.

Click Here to visit Gabriel Miller Phillip's website
Z-Star’s live shows are quite simply, unforgettable. You have to physically experience them to understand the infectious nature of her magical energy. She can be still as a slow burning candle or as explosive as a Molotov. A gifted vocalist, musician and bandleader, with a talent for creating deep dynamic soundtracks that mix Soul Jazz Bossa Blues Roots n Rock into one unmistakable sound.
Its that spirit of spontaneity that makes Zee so compelling, she has a penchant for improvisation, entertaining and energizing her audience. In a recent live review Latest 7 writer Mark Ede rated 5 stars for her “uninhibited showmanship & genre-defying musicality”.

“Mesmerising live performer” – TIME FM
“Outstanding talent and phenomenal live performer whose every note and nuance is drawn from the deepest well of sincerity” – RADIO REVERB
“It’s a question of intensity, Z* has a voice that goes straight to the stomach.” – MARIE CLAIRE
“Range, power and style a soul jazz diva to watch out for” – EVENING STANDARD

Click here to visit The Z-STAR Website
Woman E
London duo Woman E, who are confusingly made up of London born Ria Berlin and Berlin born OoverMatic, decided 3 years ago to put something back into pop music that seemed to have gone missing over the years: a point of view. “We thought it was dull how pop music rarely dealt with anything but lyrical clichés and that it was missing out on the opportunity to be subversive.
Subversion is not the prerogative of guys with guitars or people who shout a lot” And so they stumbled into their first juxtaposition: subversive pop. OoverMatic, who had cut his teeth as musical director of fashion uber-icon Comme des Garçon, says he learned there how friction is the strongest creative fuel. “It’s easy to put two things of a kind together, but when you can make something coherent out of opposites then you have created something amazing.” “Yes,” says Ria, “but it’s just as important to never make a pompous statement like that!” They laugh, but it feels that they themselves are not two of a kind but an embodiment of a strong creative friction.

Both coming from different musical backgrounds, Ria Berlin with an admiration for strong female vocalists like Kate Bush or Bjørk and OoverMatic with Kraftwerk & disco in his blood and a Leonard Cohen obsession, they meet somewhere between electronica, high energy and nihilistic ballads.

Woman E have been featured in i-D Magazine, Mixmag, and on Electroqueer and Popjustice

Click here to visit The Woman E Website
Black Bonds
Growing up in the small town of Shoreham-By-Sea, just outside Brighton, Dan Hills(vocals/rhythm guitar), Callum Bunker(lead guitar), Steve Harris(drums) & Mat Sewell(bass guitar) have come together to form Black Bonds. With an aim of bringing back raw vocals, distorted guitars, heavy drum beats & dirty basslines, Black Bonds have a cutting edge you just have to hear.
After a year of gigging solidly along the south coast they are starting to break into playing venues such as The Joiners in Southampton & Club Cargo in London. The band now look to take on a south coast tour and aim to have every radio station up & down the country to be playing their tacks.

Click here to visit The Black Bonds Website
Worry Dolls
Welcome To Campfire Rock

Click here to visit The Worry Dolls Website
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